So we hear you are in need of some rehabilitation, come in…

NFT Rehab is a fun project created by myself, Simon, also founder of We created some of the first music NFTs which were physically redeemable on vinyl, we also have created a fair amount of meme music like this. After 4–5 months of this project, I have found that dealing with people in this space can be a challenge. Rampant use of homophobic slurs, racism and antisemitism do not make for a wonderful environment for art to thrive.

The value proposition of NFTs interest me and will feature in some of my future articles, but I really just enjoy the joy of art. We seem to be at a point whereby low cap ERC20 tokens have been diminished to being treated as ‘gems’ to pump or play in the DeFi casino. I’ve watched the downfall of discourse in the Groovy Telegram, once upon a time it was people sharing their favourite music and talking about how much they love certain artists, we even crowd sourced lyrics for our own meme music productions, it felt good. Nowadays I see people asking for price driving news or insulting me, it’s not pleasant.

So I have created Rehab, a place to detoxify from DeFi, you really own need one token to take part in the project. I bootstrapped this project with a tiny presale, enough to give some locked liquidity so people can buy and sell the token. I want this token to bring people some joy and fun and be a destination they can escape from some of the not so nice parts of this scene.

One token is the minimum for the staking pool. In this pool you can stake your Rehab (not LP because we aren’t trying to lock up your precious ETH) and then you accrue points (1 per rehab per 24hr). You can use these points to get one of the NFTs in the store. As time goes on you will see collections form, but for now I am just happy to have it working. Some of these NFTs might have value and some will not, interesting I put one of our first NFTs up for sale on OpenSea and it has sold already.

This project is a place for me to explore NFTs which are not entirely music related, I will also use this medium to explore my thoughts on the current NFT space.

All the best.


Welcome to NFT Rehab, detoxify from DeFi.