Things to expect in May

Time to build out.

New brand assets for Rehab (site update, coinhead website)

A shift to Discord for community building.

The start of some governance votes.

More records, redeemable ones at that.

Collab with Defiville.

Experimentations in LP staking.

Experimentations in fair share of contributors being rewarded in music by smart contracts (see article on cNFT and mNFTs).

Experimentation with uni v3 liquidity (possible migration).

Stadia project launches with 1/1 NFTs with an amazing value proposition and some great gamification included, I have been working on this and getting the art made for months. A token will also be deployed with a liquidity pool for this project. (The ERC721 contract is already deployed and some mints have started btw.) Holders of Rehab will find themselves positioned well for entry into this project. The project will be announced fully with accompanying website/twitter/token, I am just alpha leaking it to the Rehab crew.

All the best.


Welcome to NFT Rehab, detoxify from DeFi.