How to keep Rehab a viable token

Rehab was deployed some 4 months ago as a hobby experiment with a tiny amount of bootstrapped liquidity to attempt to build a community of NFT lovers who kept a non toxic crypto environment. Since then we have released over 100 NFTs and seen some crazy price action. Let’s have a look at what has happened and how to keep going forward from here.

We started with 12 ETH liquidity and went to some nearly 700 USD per token from an 8 USD presale, I received a steady load of abuse, there was a general confusion in the world what an NFT was. Many got into Rehab early and of course sold at those mighty highs, and then some lovely people got in as the hype cycle crashed, but let us do a little analysis.

I would like to discuss some aspects of this project which may not occur to many but also may be of no interest, nonetheless I will continue. For many we were an entry to NFTs, people were unaware what a non fungible token was, and we took the time to explain what they were and how to interact with them, I can personally say I answered at least 50 DMs with the simple question “how do I send an NFT?” The educational aspect of this project has been underestimated, and I know most people care more about their bottom line, but yeah, you don’t get that from soulless polkadot IDOs (which are on ETH, odd eh.)

The model of Rehab wasn’t entirely thought out, because it was never intended to do a 75x during a wild hype cycle, so how do we proceed?

In my opinion we proceed with logic and sustainability. We move to uni v3 where fees can now be withdrawn, we put the 1% fee on which uni recommends for ‘exotic tokens’, this enables us to pay artists from our trading volume, drops become less frequent on the farm too, we are currently asked for music and jingles weekly and we will make people pay in Rehab creating an almost production house like environment which creates upwards price momentum. Then we try and get more trading volume, how you say? Perhaps the utter idiots who like to entertain the idea that my projects Sinelock and Groovy are dead are incorrect, they are alive, with liquidity and still way above presale, and there are reasons for this, we were the first people to put music on vinyl as an NFT (I still believe this is the best value prop of a music NFT, not being able to hear the music until you get it in the post). Sinelock is fully coded, I have made a decision to not release this, why? Because if a community gives me death threats then, quite frankly, fuck you. I have patience, something which is hugely lacking in this space and all of those people people with dinosaur or whatever avatars who tried to spread false news about my own project will have seen I sent it silent, on purpose, because it’s mine. Control will be retaken in approx 2 weeks when liquidity unlocks, I will also repurpose the project on uni v3 and launch it. Now you can see an ecosystem of 3 coins, all related to my interests.

Now, onto those who like to project power or moan about marketing or some such, I was going to make 5 screenshots of NFT related projects and their price charts, but I will let you do the work.

In essence, with zero funding we released over 100 NFTs, built a community and I am utterly exhausted and beat, I wake up to 5–10 DMs a day trying to project power or throw abuse at me, but by now my skin is thick and I’m going to continue. You can enjoy what I make and do, or just LARP elsewhere. As someone who shows their identity, face and even shares their radio shows from real life, I have nothing to prove to anons. I am just getting started.

One of the things I am most proud of is this record we made in collaboration with Defiville, it took a lot of time and work and I think it’s great, you can still preorder it on the Defiville site.

Incoming are many things, many of you will have seen my Stadia project, I love stadiums and this is super exciting for me. Also we are making 341 noises for the 0xmons project. The question I rather ask you is what has that Polkastarter IDO done in 3 months?

TLDR: Rehab moves to uni v3, fees pay artists, drops become less, we do content for Rehab creating upward price momentum, if you abuse me that is cool but LARP elsewhere.

Take care.


Welcome to NFT Rehab, detoxify from DeFi.