launch details

What you need to know about Friday’s launch

Stadia is an experimental sports project which combines NFT vector reconstructions of great stadiums around the world. These 1/1 NFTs may be great collectables for someone who supports the team, but the ecosystem intends to be a lot larger than just these. With the Euro championships coming up, what better time to rally around the sports community in crypto and try to bring them together for an innovative project.

The stadiums, which with their underlying liquidity through the indexes which we will fund, will have the most value. We will also release NFTs relating to certain prediction markets, for example one for each team of the euros, and real life results may be reflected in STAD rewards.

We are currently planning to launch on Uniswap v2 then migrate to v3. We will choose the 1% fee which is suggested for ‘exotic assets’, as Uniswap fees are now redeemable we will put 50% of them back into the index liquidity pools to support the NFTs, this should ensure a stable floor as we put out more stadia each week.

Why do you need a token? The project is funded via a modest presale and also the capital from some initial NFT sales. After launch on the 14th (if gas is behaving) the only way of obtaining future Stadia and NFTs will be through the token, as the NFTs are backed with liquidity which is constantly increasing, the ERC20 token itself enables entry into those liquid NFTs. The Stadia token will also be used for the prediction markets and rewards.

There is a total supply of 20k STAD. Initial circulating supply intends to be around 18k, implying a modest market cap of 180k at launch. The token is deployed and contract verified with Etherscan, there is no mint function.

Each NFT which has been bought on Opensea or Rarible before the Uniswap pool is created will receive an airdrop of 30 STAD.

Holders of assorted Rehab NFTs may also find drops on Friday.

We are not a fan of traditional pre-sale methods, so maybe you are lucky here or here. Random links may appear anywhere in the next 2 days offering swaps for STAD. Any tokens remaining on Friday will be offered on a Bounce presale page, all tokens are 10 USDC.

If it is not written here, you are unlikely to get an answer until the new website launches at on Friday with a full FAQ. Please do not spam the Rehab Telegram with questions. NFTs imply no affiliation nor connections to the teams, they should simply be seen as what they are, vector fan art. The concept of underlying liquidity of NFTs and sport prediction markets in crypto combined is experimental, please do not interact with this project if you do not understand that it is essentially an experimental collectable project.

Take care and please be patient, it’s only 2 days away. The Telegram will go public some time before Friday and a link will be posted on Twitter.

Welcome to NFT Rehab, detoxify from DeFi.