When Gecko? Doxxed Dev? When CMC? AMA?

What goes through someones mind when they enter the Telegram of a crypto project and they ask “When Gecko?” or a question like this. Have they ever been given an answer which satisfies them? One would assume not since CoinGecko don’t tell you the date and time you will listed. So why is this question so common? Laziness. People in this space want to make money, they also wanted it handed to them without trying, so they join pump groups and enter random projects they have seen tweets about and start asking the same repetitive questions. For them, this is the same as going to a casino. A pump group is a zero sum game, the leaders of the group will buy up a portion of a token and then shill it to a four or five figure following, the lemmings will buy. Those who can get in and out first will profit, the rest will be holding the bag, this is of course not informed investing, it’s just gambling.

In my first project, Groovy, we had a bustling community of music lovers, our CoinGecko listing destroyed that despite 5 highly active moderators. You see, with financial instruments or decentralised lending, people asking about money is normal, but with artistic projects the project will fail without the community. With the current boom in NFT projects and everyone jumping on the bandwagon, this is becoming more clear. People who make music and art are not accustomed to dealing with an influx parasitic ‘investors’ who don’t care about what they are making. Artistic projects NEED community. Artists most likely made art before crypto and will continue to for most of their lives. If nobody is interested in what they are making, they can’t sell it, that’s absolutely fine, one cannot be expected to make financially viable art.

We are currently experiencing the art world and crypto world combining and art NFT projects are being marketed as ‘gems’ by some people. Moonbois entering a Telegram and insulting artists (they call them admin or dev) is something which to me makes absolutely no sense, so where does it come from? Most likely from the endless rugs/trust issues and zero sum gains/losses in the scene. Interestingly, the people who are doing incredibly well in this market are those who employ tokenomics and crypto gamification into their NFTs, the fact is people love to gamble.

I believe that Rehab currently has a good balance and well meaning intent. As previously stated the presale was a modest 12 Ethereum which was added to liquidity. You stake your Rehab (which is a fully tradable token) and you get free NFTs, which at the point of writing now have a resale value and many of our NFTs have sitting offers. If you like what we put out, this is great for you, if you want to make money, this is also great for you.

I’m incredibly happy how the project is going so far, but I will auto-ban anyone who asks banal questions which are answered on our homepage, this is for everyone. The second I lose the community, the token will also become worthless in my eyes and there will be no more NFTs.

Thanks for reading.


Welcome to NFT Rehab, detoxify from DeFi.

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