How are we all doing?

Hi Tek, Lo Life.

Wow! We are nearly at the 2 month anniversary of Rehab, super cool. So let’s go through some bits:

Over 100k USD of Rehab NFTs have been bought on Rarible and Opensea!

149 wallets own a Rehab NFT!

We have over 600 Telegram members!

We have over 500 Twitter followers!

We did a live stream playing only vinyl, because y’know.

Our sticker pack is bigger than ever!

Alright, enough of that. What’s coming in the next 2 weeks?

We know how immediacy is a thing in crypto so instead of giving you a big roadmap we will just give you an overview of the next 2 weeks.

A super cool sound puzzle will be launched this week which involves a collection of 10 NFTs which need to be put together.

Our first redeemables will be explained and launched end of week, they are shipping from the UK.

We will also release another redeemable, a mixtape (yeah an actual cassette) of our music with super sick packaging.

We have some super cool Bento Box watercolours also incoming.

Our Coinheads will continue as they are super popular, and commissions are also live (2 so far have been redeemed).

And of course, a series of Pepe, on various substances…

All the best.