Rehab Bottle Openers

Open your beer with a Rehab souvenir!

Our first redeemable NFTs are here, keyring bottle openers!

Are you can see, there are 3 types and this is a batch of 45 in total. These will never be made again so you can consider each type of a 15 mint (and prod) NFT.

We have Coinhead, Detoxify from DeFi and the Torch of Freedom. I will be putting 10 of each on the farm and the rest will be sold on OpenSea and Rarible to let fans with not enough points have a chance at our first bit of very practical merch.

How will redemption work?

In order to prevent resale, there will be a form where you will input your address and the transaction ID where you have sent the NFT to the burn address, all addresses will be deleted after being printed onto the package. I am including worldwide shipping for free with these to UK, EU, USA and Canada, other locations will be considered on request.

The redemption link will appear here in the next days and the NFTs will go up on the farm in a slow, sporadic way to give people the best chance of getting one.

You can also choose to not redeem this (as I’m sure some will) just to flex or trade the NFT on the aftermarket, you do you.

All the best!