Introducing: Rekt Pepe

Our depressed alcoholic spirit animal

Rekt Pepe is one of the first of our unique series. We have all seen Pepe on crypto Twitter and Telegram, normally in some kind of lofi state. A good e-friend of the Rehab crew Twerky Pepe took Pepe to the next level with his pumpy NFT collection, we love it.

We personally wanted to add more of a narrative to our dear friend Peps. Now, Rekt Pepe isn’t technically autobiographical but we’ve been in this space long enough to realise you might have a few things in common with him. We follow our addiction riddled frog with his battles with alcohol and gambling. I guess we all hope that one day he will find happiness.

The first in the series has 15 copies. All of the following and future NFTs have just 5 minted. It’s a collaboration between an illustrator and the Rehab crew and we hope you will enjoy the series.

All the best.


Welcome to NFT Rehab, detoxify from DeFi.

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