Introducing: Coinhead

An NFT for you no matter which crypto tribe you are in.

Coinhead is a series of NFTs by the Rehab Crew. The name is rather self explanatory and you can see our OG Bitcoin Coinhead above, pretty cool eh. It’s art, marketing and meme all rolled into one, quite the NFT class!

The Coinhead series has proved to be rather popular with the Rehab community but we feel as if this is only the start. Each Coinhead so far has been a 5 mint, apart from Doge (15) because much wow, you know. We plan to continue minting between the range of 5–15.

We also make stickers of each Coinhead, these can be used in the Telegram of the community of that particular Coin. We believe this will build exposure until at one point our Coinheads are fairly ubiquitous in the scene (but hard to own).

This brings us to the future of Coinheads, where can we go from here? Well with so many tokens and communities, it seems our possibilities are endless. We would like to offer the service to commission your own Coinhead, this could be great for brand new tokens which would like something to add for their socials (especially the sticker we will include). The Coinhead will only be able to be commissioned by using the Rehab token, we are unsure yet if it will be a fee in Rehab or you will need to farm enough points for a commission but however we do it, it will benefit the Rehab token.

Today we release the 5th in the series, Polkadot, and it’s got a very cool aesthetic. We are only in the first week of the Coinhead series and I’m incredibly happy with the response, I believe it can only get more exposure from here.

All the best.


Welcome to NFT Rehab, detoxify from DeFi.

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