An insight into this record.

After knowing the talented solidity developer Andrea from Defiville from various Telegram groups and speaking to him quite regularly, we decided to incorporate some of our music into the Defiville platform. Most of it was chill beats to work to and such, nothing too heavy going.

With Groovy we had been making vinyl records as NFTs long before the NFT craze, we love the idea that you can own something physical that will still be there. The natural progression from all of this was to go to the studio and work on a full 12" record for Defiville. With themes taken from their platform, a lot of sweaty nights and too many beers. We finally came up with a track list which both suited what Andrea wanted and what we liked.

The first side starts with an absolute banger, proper hard hitting stuff with twists and turns and contorting synths. We then take it into more ambient territory. To suit the Isla aesthetic the flip side of the record features more 8 bit endeavours.

We have produced, mixed and mastered this record in Estonia. The designer and musicians would prefer to remain anonymous at this time and will go under the moniker ‘Rehab Crew’. All production and manufacturing is done on our side and all sales and distribution on their side.

We will put a full 200 press into production with full printed sleeves upon successfully filling the presale contract which Defiville have created, this is on Matic so you don’t end up with the Kings of Leon situation where you bought the record for 50 USD but paid 50 in fees. Instead of some 2 ETH ridiculous prices, they are selling them for almost normal record prices and this includes shipping from Italy.

All the best.


Welcome to NFT Rehab, detoxify from DeFi.