How to keep Rehab a viable token

Rehab was deployed some 4 months ago as a hobby experiment with a tiny amount of bootstrapped liquidity to attempt to build a community of NFT lovers who kept a non toxic crypto environment. Since then we have released over 100 NFTs and…

An insight into this record.

After knowing the talented solidity developer Andrea from Defiville from various Telegram groups and speaking to him quite regularly, we decided to incorporate some of our music into the Defiville platform. …

What you need to know about Friday’s launch

Stadia is an experimental sports project which combines NFT vector reconstructions of great stadiums around the world. These 1/1 NFTs may be great collectables for someone who supports the team, but the ecosystem intends to be a lot larger than just these…

Time to build out.

New brand assets for Rehab (site update, coinhead website)

A shift to Discord for community building.

The start of some governance votes.

More records, redeemable ones at that.

Collab with Defiville.

Experimentations in LP staking.

Experimentations in fair share of contributors being rewarded in music by…

A little help with the puzzle.

For those that didn’t get it, the 6 puzzle pieces collectively formed a never before heard analogue jam by an artist who will at this time remain anonymous.

Listen to the entirety now.

Dig deeper if you want to find the answers.

Take care all.

It’s time frens

If you want your NFT sent to you in the mail, simply send it to the burn address and fill in the form below. All openers will be sent out free shipping in these snazzy black mailers.

The link to redeem is here.

Can’t beat a picture taken on the floor, can ya?

Take it easy rehabbers!

Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter.

6 NFTs

1 drop per day

Each around 100 seconds long.

Collect them all.

Find the clues.

Complete the song.

Redeem the prize.

Good luck.

How are we all doing?

Hi Tek, Lo Life.

Wow! We are nearly at the 2 month anniversary of Rehab, super cool. So let’s go through some bits:

Over 100k USD of Rehab NFTs have been bought on Rarible and Opensea!

149 wallets own a Rehab NFT!

We have over 600 Telegram members!


NFT Rehab

Welcome to NFT Rehab, detoxify from DeFi.

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