Open your beer with a Rehab souvenir!

Our first redeemable NFTs are here, keyring bottle openers!

Are you can see, there are 3 types and this is a batch of 45 in total. These will never be made again so you can consider each type of a 15 mint (and prod) NFT.

We have Coinhead, Detoxify from DeFi and the Torch of Freedom. …

Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter.

6 NFTs

1 drop per day

Each around 100 seconds long.

Collect them all.

Find the clues.

Complete the song.

Redeem the prize.

Good luck.

How are we all doing?

Hi Tek, Lo Life.

Wow! We are nearly at the 2 month anniversary of Rehab, super cool. So let’s go through some bits:

Over 100k USD of Rehab NFTs have been bought on Rarible and Opensea!

149 wallets own a Rehab NFT!

We have over 600 Telegram members!

We have over 500 Twitter followers!

We did a live stream playing only vinyl, because y’know.

Our sticker pack is bigger than ever!

Alright, enough of that. What’s coming in the next 2 weeks?

We know how immediacy is a thing in crypto so instead of giving you a big roadmap…

Introducing our first guest artist!

White Flower

Stable yet fragile, Zsofia’s work manifests her search of equilibrium. The crisp aesthetics are quelled by a soft play of light, so creating intimacy between the observer and the imagery. Contradistinction of fixed and loose objects animates the scenery and creates tension, whispering of foreboding imbalance. Zsofia depicts the Anthropocene devoid of human presence, thus allowing a glimpse of the purified objects, alleviated of their own purpose. The result is a familiar, but alien world captured at the height of perfection, the moment when order tamed entropy.



What’s coming next?

So the last few weeks have seen a big growth in our facility, we work incredibly hard on Rehab and it’s not easy to keep pushing out as many NFTs as we do whilst maintaining the community and Telegram. I understand immediacy is a thing in the crypto world but expecting us to do everything RIGHT NOW when this started as a hobby project only 5 weeks ago seems a bit out of perspective, I would rather focus on how much has been achieved in that time. Nonetheless, we crack on!

Here is what is planned for the medium term future:

Rehab Festival

Coinhead commissions

Collab NFTs (our Open Call is now live)

Redeemable Merch

Redeemable physical NFTs

Experimental NFTs with gamification

Long term:

Community votes (DAO)

Be kind.


Join the club!

By now we are aware that people use our facility in many different ways. Some pop by and get the rehab they need, others always keep a toe dipped in the sanatorium. We welcome all who truly wish to get better. But if you decide you are clean but still want to be a card carrying member, we offer our membership card.

The card is 150 points on the farm and brings many benefits. Firstly you will be able to listen to all the music on our Defiville collab playlist which is coming shortly. You will also have preferential treatment towards our future special events and you will be eligible for member NFT airdrops. Most of all though, it’s a super good looking collectable for you to remember your time here.

All the best.


Your frequently asked questions and how to stake your REHAB

So a lot of new people have come into Rehab, welcome! Here are some FAQs and a simple guide on staking for NFTs.

When Gecko?


What is the contract address?


How many tokens are there?



That’s the staking contract. The team no longer has tokens, we fund the token with NFT sales.

Official Website:

How do I stake?

Click below, click ‘staking options’ and ‘stake’. You will need to approve and then submit the transaction using Metamask. You will earn…

When Gecko? Doxxed Dev? When CMC? AMA?

What goes through someones mind when they enter the Telegram of a crypto project and they ask “When Gecko?” or a question like this. Have they ever been given an answer which satisfies them? One would assume not since CoinGecko don’t tell you the date and time you will listed. So why is this question so common? Laziness. People in this space want to make money, they also wanted it handed to them without trying, so they join pump groups and enter random projects they have seen tweets about and start asking the…

An NFT for you no matter which crypto tribe you are in.

Coinhead is a series of NFTs by the Rehab Crew. The name is rather self explanatory and you can see our OG Bitcoin Coinhead above, pretty cool eh. It’s art, marketing and meme all rolled into one, quite the NFT class!

The Coinhead series has proved to be rather popular with the Rehab community but we feel as if this is only the start. Each Coinhead so far has been a 5 mint, apart from Doge (15) because much wow, you know. …

Our depressed alcoholic spirit animal

Rekt Pepe is one of the first of our unique series. We have all seen Pepe on crypto Twitter and Telegram, normally in some kind of lofi state. A good e-friend of the Rehab crew Twerky Pepe took Pepe to the next level with his pumpy NFT collection, we love it.

We personally wanted to add more of a narrative to our dear friend Peps. Now, Rekt Pepe isn’t technically autobiographical but we’ve been in this space long enough to realise you might have a few things in common with him. We follow our addiction…

NFT Rehab

Welcome to NFT Rehab, detoxify from DeFi.

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